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    Sell your Surplus Fasteners

    Our Fastener Reuse program focuses on reselling surplus fasteners located at fastener manufacturers, distributors, and Original Equipment Manufacturers. These parts are purchased by Fast Fastener, inspected, and re-distributed into the marketplace.

    If you have surplus fasteners, please send a part list with descriptions and quantities to help@fastfastener.com. We provide a greater return than sending to a scrap yard.

    Sell Your Surplus Now!

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    Yes, we are Green

    We believe quality production components should never see the inside of a scrap yard. Reusing existing production fasteners which are no longer needed in their primary assemblies conserves natural resources used in the manufacturing and scrap processes. Additionally, Fast Fastener is a proud member of 1% For the Planet.

    More About Environmental Benefits

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    Our online catalog lists over 36,000 fasteners for sale. We can supply both standards and special fasteners. Additionally, our inventory of quality parts acquired through our Fastener Reuse program supplies primarily standard parts at a steep market discount. For a quote, please send an email to sales@fastfastener.com.

    For a quote, please send an email to sales@fastfastener.com

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