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Different Types of Hex Head Screws


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Hexagon head screws, also known as hex screws, hex socket screws, and hex head cap screws, feature a six-sided head with preformed machine threads on the shank. They are commonly abbreviated as HH or HX.

Different Types of Hex Head Screws

Hex cap screws come in various types based on material, application, and size, finding application in commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

Hex Head Screw Materials

Hex screws are available as fully threaded or partially threaded variants, with material choice depending on the specific application. Materials include stainless steel, galvanized steel, low and medium carbon steel, brass, bronze, copper alloy steel, zinc, chrome, nickel-plated steel, and oil-coated steel.

Hex Screw Sizes and Types

Hex screws come in various types, including self-drilling hex screws, internal hex screws, combi screws, lag screws, sheet metal screws, zip screws, and painted hex washer head screws.

Ways to Use Hex Head Screws

Hex head screws are versatile and find applications in machinery, construction, tight spaces, and dirty environments due to their strength and design.

How to Screw a Hex Screw

Screwing in hex head screws requires the use of socket wrenches, standard wrenches, or adjustable wrenches, depending on the specific screw design.

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