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Flange bolt connection installation specification


For flanged pipes, the flange face shall be perpendicular and concentric to the center line of the pipe. The flanges shall be kept parallel, and the deviation shall be no more than 1.5 ‰ of the outside diameter and no more than 2mm. The diameter and length of connecting bolt of flange should meet the specification requirements. Flange bolt holes should be installed in the span, should ensure that the bolt free through the person, the nut on the same side. Tighten the bolts symmetrically. The bolt should be tightly fastened to the flange. The end of the bolt should not be lower than the surface of the nut and should not be larger than 1/2 of the diameter of the bolt. When washers are needed, no more than one per bolt should be added. The flange of pipe fittings is the pipe fittings connected between pipes. Our factory produces groove pipe fittings with high quality flange fittings, customized size, specifications and color. A pipe flange is a detachable connection. Used in pipes, valves, equipment connection and often need to disassemble, check, repair places.
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